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Innovative Products

En Mouvement introduces to the Quebec market, original and specialized products, especially concerning stairchairs and alternative wheelchair propulsion. Our aim is to bring specific solutions to attend needs of people with mobility challenges. We are always on the lookout for new technology products that are functional and safe.

Delivery and installation anywhere in Quebec

En Mouvement can ship and install everywhere in Quebec. To make this possible and guaranteed, we supply only very dependable solutions. We have a network of qualified technicians and we can support any product we sold. We also have great phone support.

Buy or Rent

En Mouvement sells and rents the majority of the products shown on this web site. (E-motions and Curved stairchairs are only sold). En Mouvement also does demos. Call us to schedule one or to see if there would be any fees.

RBQ licensed products

Several types and makes of stairchairs are on the market. Although, you do need to know that all products found in Quebec are unfortunately not up to our building code. The prototypes must be crafted according to CSA-B-613-00 norms and signed and sealed by a Quebec licenced engineer, member of "l'Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec", and the product must be on the Régie du bâtiment du Québec's web site for approved products. All products sold by En Mouvement are certified and up to code. Call us to find out if a product is certified for Quebec.

Certified installers

Elevators and other elevating products need every installation to be declared in writing to the RBQ. The construction code, (ch. IV) also requires elevating products to be installed by a specialised licenced contractor.

Our RBQ licence number is 5615-4545-01. This licence allow us to make tenders, quote, organise, coordinate, execute and have construction work executed in the field of handicapped elevating equipment.

Registered supplier for SAAQ, CSST and Veterans Affairs

En Mouvement is there to serve any customer with stair climbing needs, manual wheelchair propulsion, or bed sores. We are also able to serve as authorised supplier for SAAQ, CSST, CLSC's, long term facilities, and Veterans Affairs. Concerning medical devices sold to hospitals or CLSC's, the products are sold by Theramat (www.theramat.ca) which has a class 1 and 2 medical devices licence.