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Housing allowance
1 February 2019 | Home Adaptation
Shelter Allowance

The Housing Allowance program provides additional financial assistance to low-income households who spend too much of their...

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Possible changes
26 September 2018 | Home Adaptation

When the unexpected happens or when illness strikes, it is reassuring to think that it is possible to adapt the home in such a way as to be able to...

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The risks of falls and the consequences
26 September 2018 | Home Adaptation

Several products and services exist to make your home as accessible as possible and allow you to remain independent.

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Tax credit for home support
26 September 2018 | Home Adaptation
Crédit d’impôt pour maintien à domicile

To encourage people to stay at home, the government offers a tax credit for various equipment that promotes autonomy.

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Home Adaptation Program in Quebec (RAAP)
18 September 2018 | Home Adaptation

The Residential Adaptation Assistance Program ensures that people with a disability are able to enter and exit their home, perform their daily routine

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