AR-135 Residential Elevator

This device is used for long outdoor trajectories. Offering an alternative to internal architectural refitting of your house.


The AR-135 elevator offers various cabin options. The economic version is ideal for outdoors – allowing you to have a structure without a cage (without closed walls). Also available in a covered version with cage (closed walls) offering protection against inclement weather.

A pre-manufactured shaft made of polycarbonate can be a very interesting option; and economic comparatively to the construction of a shaft made of the traditional materials.

Control Buttons

All of our elevators have a key, an emergency stop button in addition to an ascending and descending button,
various shapes can be installed depending of your needs.


Equipped with an anti-skid floor and handrail you will be in complete security.

Our platform lifts and elevators correspond to all the standards required by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec and exceed the Canadian standards.