Adapt the staircase to accommodate elderly parents at home

Mental illnesses linked to loneliness in the elderly have increased since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Indeed, the isolation due to confinement as well as the sometimes excessive loss of loved ones which combine with the progressive reduction of autonomy and the various illnesses create in the elderly a more or less significant state of distress which sometimes leads them to take one’s life. What action to take in this situation?

What can be done to limit the risk of depression in the elderly during this delicate period?

Like all human beings, the elderly need to feel surrounded, especially during difficult times. However, the confinement and the various health restrictions linked to Covid-19 plunge many of them into a situation of isolation which is sometimes dangerous. We therefore advise their loved ones, as far as possible, to welcome them into their homes, even temporarily, in order to preserve their mental state.

What are the arrangements for welcoming an elderly person into your home?

It is sometimes essential to rearrange your residence before welcoming an elderly person in order to guarantee their comfort and offer them maximum autonomy. For example, it is necessary to install a stairlift or a lifting platform so that it can easily access the floor. The bath lift chair may also be necessary.

Where to buy this equipment?

At En Mouvement, we sell stairlifts, stairlifts, bath lift chairs or lifting platforms to facilitate the movement of your elderly parents and with reduced mobility in your home. We offer quality equipment and we take full responsibility for their installation in compliance with the standards in force in Quebec.

In addition, you can seek advice from the specialists we make available to you regarding products and possible subsidies in the field. You can also see our catalog on our official website. We try to offer the best rates. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.