Elevating platform

Several solutions could be available to meet both accessibility standards for people with reduced mobility, customer needs and your budget. The design and construction of these developments must take into account all these criteria in addition to construction standards.

The available models could be:

  •  An elevating platform in an elevator shaft such as the 130T model that can reach 23 feet of running for the public standard. This unit can be delivered with cabin interior in hardwood, stainless, polycarbonate or other.
  •  A platform with an oblique trajectory installed directly on the stairs. This device has the advantages of folding and functioning without the need for a well. This model is called AC-105.
  •  An elevating platform without sheath, or with polycarbonate sheath such as vista 355.

These products can be offered with different options including the color of your choice, various sizes, choice of control buttons and others.
It is also possible to add motorized door openers.

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