Stannah Stairlift

The Stannah stairlift chair is installed in straight staircases, and has a capacity of 350 pounds. The footrest, the seat and the armrests can be folded for maximum clearance space. The installation of the Stannah stairlift is done in a few hours by a certified RBQ (the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec) professional. The rail is fixed to the steps reducing the installation impact on the house. Nothing is affixed to the walls. Furthermore, the Stannah chair lift for stairs is a non-taxable item and is income tax deductible with a doctor’s prescription.

Extremely safe, comfortable and attractive stairlift

The Stannah chair stairlift is extremely safe, comfortable and attractive. It allows you to remain in your own home and to continue to have access to other floors. The chair stairlift helps you move about and at the same time reduces the risk of injury, pain or wear and tear on your joints. The Stannah is one of the few approved by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec for stair climbing. Contact us for more information.

Stannah Stairlift


The Stannah operates with rechargeable batteries. Therefore during a power outage, you will continue to be able to negotiate stairs for several days. The stairlift chair will power up, move and stop smoothly, offering you an enjoyable experience. It will allow you to make use of all the rooms in your house no matter what level. The use of the seat will reduce the risks of an injury, pain or wear and tear of your joints.

Worm Gear System Stairlift

The carriage mechanism consists of a helical worm gear drive system that moves along a Teflon rack-pinion. The product is therefore solid, clean and of a great reliability. The Stannah batteries recharge themselves automatically in order to always remain fully charged and ready to use for your full satisfaction. As for the seat, it has an indicator light on the armrest allowing you to easily and quickly identify if a situation requires your attention. The Stannah comes with a one year warranty on all components and mechanical system.


The carriage and the footrest are fitted with very effective sensors on all surfaces allowing the seat to stop if it encounters any obstruction along the way.

This measure makes the seat even safer if there are small children or pets in the home.

The seat swivels to allow the user to sit down and to get up safely at the top of the stairs. The chair has a removable key which prevents the lift from being used.


What is a stairlift?

As the name suggests, it is a motorized seat installed on a staircase so that people with reduced mobility do not have to cross the steps. This type of device is usually equipped withan armrest and a footrest to ensure the comfort and safety of users.

Also, it can rotate so that they can get up on the landing. Finally, it is particularly easy to handle since you just have to sit down and press a button to activate it. At En Mouvement, we sell several models of stairlifts.

How to choose a stairlift?

It can sometimes be difficult to find the right stairlift for you among all the models available. We’ve listed the important things to consider to make it easier for you:

  • Compliance with the standards in force in the region;
  • The quality of the product and the reputation of the manufacturer;
  • Technical specifications: maximum load supported, dimensions, travel speed, running distance;
  • Available options and ease of use;
  • The material of manufacture of the seat;
  • The price of the device and the installation costs (including any work to be carried out beforehand).


Items such as stairlifts are non-taxable and tax deductible with medical prescription. Also, it is possible to benefit from a subsidy from the Société d’Habitation du Québec as part of the home adaptation program for their acquisition and installation.

However, obtaining assistance is subject to certain conditions that you will discover by browsing the SHQ website. Contact us for more information about our stairlift chairs.  You can also visit our premises to assess the condition of the devices or even try them on.