Wheelchair ramp

The modification of a residence can sometimes be realized with a permanent a wheelchair ramp made of treated wood.

En Mouvement takes mandates to design, make ramp plans and inclined plans, construct them and proposes solutions that maximize access to the home

We can take care of the design of the plans, their modifications and their acceptances by the municipality in order to obtain the necessary permits for the project.

We build outdoor wheelchair ramps in treated wood as well as interior access ramps for the garage and inclined planes. We deliver a turnkey project with handrails and handrails meeting the applicable standards.

What is an access ramp?

An access ramp is a kind of walkway that allows people with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs to access a place without having to cross steps. As a result, it is usually installed on a small staircase or on the threshold of the door. Depending on the case, it can be fixed or mobile. In addition, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Why should you entrust us with your project?

Operating for over 15 years, we have the skills and levels of experience to carry out your home adaptation projects, including ramp installation. Indeed, we put at your service qualified and serious professionals who set themselves the goal of satisfying you. We are also committed to providing you with quality products to ensure your comfort and safety.

We also sell stair seats!

Are the stairs inside your home too long? In this case, an access ramp may be unsuitable since the slope may be steep and dangerous. We advise you to install more practical and safe devices such as:

  • A stair seat: more suitable for people with reduced mobility;
  • An oblique lifting platform: the best option for people in wheelchairs.

All these devices are installed directly on the stairs and therefore do not require major work. We offer several models of good quality and in very good condition. Our goal remains to guarantee your safety and comfort.

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