Elvista Residential Elevator

Reliable and economic, the Elvista elevator will ensure your access to the various levels of your multi-leveled house. The Elvista is ideal for short trajectories.

Elvista Elevator Cabin

Our cabins are composed of a lighted ceiling, a telephone connected to your currant residence phone line, the Elvista platform will harmonize with the decor of your residence. Various finishes are available including: stainless steel, worked massive wood, wood finished melamine and various tints.

Control Buttons

All of our elevators have a key, an emergency shutdown button in addition to an ascending and descending button. Various controllers can be installed depending on your needs.

Safety & Security

Equipped with an anti-skid floor and handrail you will be in complete security. Our platform lifts and elevators correspond to all the standards required by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec and exceed the Canadian standards.