General construction

For those who chose to stay at home as long as possible, it sometimes becomes necessary to make changes so that the house is adapted to the new needs.

En Mouvement prepares and constructs spaces to receive a lifting platform or a residential elevator. We are specialists in home adaptation programs offering advice and support. En Mouvement is a general contractor as well as specialized in lifting equipment for persons with reduced mobility. Knowing well the lifting devices, our company is able to deliver a lift shaft, meeting both the construction standards in force in your sector and the specific needs of the lift.

The installation of a lifting platform from the garage and leading to the different levels of the house will provide autonomy and freedom to the disabled person.

Take advantage of our advice and experience to find the perfect location to plan an elevator or lift shaft and have access to all levels of your home.

Among the other works facilitating access to the house, the modification of the bathroom with the installation of a shower without threshold, the elimination of the floor unevenness, the widening of the openings, the creation of entry without obstacle are some examples of possible work to improve your living environment.

This home adaptation work facilitates access to the different levels of the building and offers more comfort and autonomy to people with reduced mobility. We advise you to entrust this mission to an experienced professional who has the knowledge and skills required to produce a quality rendering. At EnMouvement, we offer precisely this type of service.

Call on us for your home rehabilitation projects!

The installation of a device such as a lifting platform or a stair seat is sometimes insufficient to facilitate the life of people with reduced mobility in their residence. Indeed, it is also necessary to ensure that certain rooms, including the toilet and the bathroom, are adapted to their situation.

What about subsidies?

The cost of home adaptation work and devices can sometimes be very high. This is how the Société d’Habitation du Québec offers subsidies for these types of projects, namely the modification or construction of a balcony, the installation of a shower without threshold and elevator shafts, or the adaptation of living rooms.

This help is only available to people who provide a health report written by an occupational therapist, indicating their needs. You will also discover the other conditions to meet to benefit from the grants on the official website of the SHQ or by contacting your CLSC consultant.


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