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Adaptation Specialist

Are you or someone close to you dealing with a loss of autonomy? Let us assist you. En Mouvement is the expert in this domain. Specialist in residential adaptations, we will find the solution to fit your needs and budget. Visit our showroom in order to see the available products or schedule an appointment for a free assessment. Have you applied with the Residential Adaptation Assistance Program? We will guide you along every steps of the way.

Automated Door Opener

In order to have better accessibility to your business or your residence, it is possible to install an automated door opener.

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General Construction
General Construction

Preparation and construction of the location that will receive a lifting platform or residential elevator.

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Balcony Indoors/Outdoors

The planning of a new balcony built to accommodate a small lifting platform.

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Bathroom Adaptation

Multiple options are proposed to adapt a bathroom to your needs, without compromising style. Threshold-free showers, support handles, wall sinks etc.

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Wheelchair ramp

An access ramp is often the solution to our needs to go outdoors and indoors.

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