Everything you need to know about elevating platforms

Circulating in a building or a home is never easy when mobility is reduced. Thanks to the elevating platforms, going to the upper floor in a wheelchair in complete safety is now possible. Get to know this essential piece of equipment for people who cannot move freely around the house.

The different types of elevating platforms

Generally, there are 2 types of lifting platforms dedicated to people with reduced mobility: the stairlift platform and the vertical lifting platform.

The stairlift

This device is installed on the wall of the stairs. The platform is fixed on rails and moves obliquely and parallel to the staircase. It works like a stairlift chair. In order to be space-saving, this platform often folds up against the wall when not in use.

The Vertical lifting Platform

It looks like a freight elevator and works like a small elevator. It allows to go up or down different levels vertically, but not obliquely as the case of the first type. It can be installed outdoors or indoors according to your needs.

Essential features on a lifting platform

Lifts must meet construction standards and must be equipped with basic features that make it safe and comfortable to use. Here are the functions that should be associated with it:

  • An emergency stop button
  • A closing barrier
  • An emergency braking system
  • An obstacle detector

How to choose your elevating platform?

The choice of which elevating platform to install in your home depends on the configuration of your house. For example, how many floors does your house have, does the staircase have enough room to accommodate the device, in which part of the house can the vertical platform be installed?

Then the choice depends on your needs. For example, what is the maximum weight that the platform will support, what color, material and design will suit your interior, do you prefer a hydraulic or electric platform?

Finally, choose the lifting platform based on additional features like travel speed, device safety measures, brand…

Opt for an elevating platform from En Mouvement

En Mouvement is your supplier of choice for lifting platforms for people with reduced mobility. We offer premium quality products that meet the strictest safety and manufacturing standards in Canada. In addition, our experts take care of the installation and maintenance of your platforms. Discover our different ranges of lifting platforms through our catalog. Here are the hottest ones currently on the market.

Vista Mobile Lifting Platform

This platform is dedicated to facilitating access to stages and elevated areas for people in wheelchairs. This is a product suitable for performance halls or conference rooms. It’s mobile and it installs and uninstalls easily. No modification of the area is necessary.

AC-105 lifting platform

This obliquely moving platform is suitable for straight stairs. Elegant design, robust device and equipped with optimal comfort of use, the AC-105 is suitable for domestic or intensive use in a busy area. The platform is CSA/B613-00 compliant

Vista 613 Platform Lift

Finally, this vertical platform is intended for outdoor use. It allows easy access to the balcony and its design gives it robustness and resistance to bad weather. It can cross up to 8 feet and can carry up to 350 kg.