Residential Adaptation Assistance Program - RAAP

The Residential Adaptation Assistance Program ensures that people with a disability are able to enter and exit their home, perform their daily routines, and therefore continue to reside in their own home.

Eligible Individuals

All people with disabilities, renters or owners, which are affected in the accomplishment of their everyday activities.

Eligible Buildings

All buildings serving as a residence to individuals with disabilities.

Eligible Work

All work that will modify or adapt the housing of an individual with disabilities so that person can enter and exit the unit, access essential rooms without assistance and perform all essential daily routines.

Financial Assistance

The financial assistance may be as much as $16,000 per eligible person. In certain specific cases determined by the Société d’habitation du Québec (SHQ), an additional amount of up to $7,000 may be paid.

Examples of eligible work:

  • installation of a lifting platform
  • installation of a chair stairlift
  • remodeling of a bathroom
  • installation of an outside access ramp
  • widening of door frames
Licence required in Châteauguay to do Home Adaptation

It is possible that some of the work may require licences.

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