Roby Stair Climber

This device makes it possible to displace a wheelchair including the person with reduced mobility in a staircase of 35 degree or less.

An interesting alternative

The Roby is an interesting alternative for solving the problem of stair climbing when an elevator or lift platform cannot be used in public buildings. The Roby’s electric, battery powered motor activates tracks with a very strong grip to ensure solid contact while climbing or descending stairs at a constant travelling speed of 5 m per minute (16 ft) with no juddering. The Roby moves over each stair smoothly and quietly, which maximizes comfort for the wheelchair occupant. It requires no fixed installation.

Comfort and movements

This stair climbing system requires the minimum amount of effort on the part of the operator. Moreover, it accommodates a wide assortment of wheelchair sizes, which are attached using adjustable clips. The operator is able to move a person in a wheelchair in a natural, upright, position. On landings, the Roby moves easily across the floor surface because the wheels remain active. The Roby can negotiate up to 23 flights of stairs on a single charge, and has a manual emergency device for safer descent in case of a dead battery.


The Roby operator can guide the device very easily by means of the control panel on the steering bar, which displays all the necessary data in one location. The panel allows direction commands and has a battery charge indicator, an emergency stop button and a slope indicator.


It should be noted that the Roby can be used on stairs with up to a 35° angle. (Not often suitable for residential use, since residential staircases usually have a 45° angle.) In case of a greater staircase angle, see the Scalamobil page. The Roby Powered Stair Climber’s compact 2-piece assembly comes apart for easy transportation. Independent of the weight of the chair itself, the occupant must weigh no more than 130 kg or 285 lbs. The weight of the Roby itself is as follows:

  • Steering bar : 10 kg (22 lb)
  • Drive unit : 36 kg (80 lb)
  • Total weight : 46 kg (102 lb)