Scalamobil Stair Climber (Not available at this time. Stairlifts available now)

(Scalamobil not currently available, but we have stairlifts available now) Going through a staircase can certainly be a challenge for wheelchair users. The Scalamobil then becomes a great solution because it allows a caregiver to help access the home or get to a doctor's appointment without the tremendous efforts usually required. This device makes it possible to displace a wheelchair including the person with reduced mobility in a staircase of more than 35 degrees. This product requires an alert operator in good physical shape.

Simple & Easy

Thanks to the Scalamobil, the wheelchair user will be able to stay in his wheelchair (compatibility required, folding chair with quick-release detachable wheels) to go across a staircase. Simply attach the Scala to the wheelchair on the permanently installed hardware, then remove the large wheels and the user and caregiver will be ready to go up or down the staircase. This step takes less than a minute. The care giver controls the speed and direction and all is done in a safe operation. The machine does all the heavy lifting.


You won’t have reasons not to go out anymore. The Scalamobil will bring you up or down up to 300 steps on a single charge. The unit can go up or down any step which have a rise of a maximum of 8″. It works on most stairs: inside, outside, curved, steep, with landings or even in a spiral staircase. The Scalamobil can be used in public places no matter the season or the type of surface.


The Scalamobil has 3 compacts components that can be dismantled and transported in the trunk of a car.

Aside from the weight of the wheelchair, the person being moved must not weigh more than 120 kg or 260 lbs. The weight of the Scalamobil itself is as follow :

  • Motor without battery: 16.6 kg / 37 lbs
  • Battery: 2.7 kg / 6 lbs
  • Handles: 5.2 kg / 11 lbs
  • Total weight: 24.4 kg / 54 lbs
Scalamobil Stair Climber