Residential stairlifts: all about the available models

Residential stairlifts are specific devices intended to improve the living conditions of people with reduced mobility and to offer them more autonomy by facilitating their access to floors . Discover the details on the 3 models of stairlift chairs available on the En Mouvement website.

Stannah Straight Stairlift

This Stannah seat, which supports up to 350 lbs, has been specially designed for straight stairs and its installation does not require any special work on the structure since the rails are directly attached to the ramp. The device swivels so that the user can sit down or stand up safely and its components, namely the armrest, the chair and the footrest, can fold up to free the way when not used.

Also, this chair stairlift is powered by two powerful batteries that recharge automatically and have an autonomy of several days in order to remain operational in the event of a power failure by example. In addition, the footrest and trolley are equipped with sensors so that the device can stop automatically if there is an obstacle in its path and an indicator light on the armrest alerts the user in the event of any problems. .

Stannah Curved Stairlift

As its name suggests, this device, with a particularly elegant design, is dedicated to curved stairs. Its rail, whose color is available in multiple tons, can be fixed on the wall or on the ramp according to your needs. Additionally, 2 seating options are offered:

  • The Siena model: several colors, comfortable, easy to maintain and with motorized footrest;
  • The Starla model: luxurious finish, multiple colors and motorized footrest.

In addition, this stair chair is equipped with several safety systems to avoid possible accidents, including the patented technology thanks to which the stops are particularly soft. Its installation also complies with the standards imposed by the RBQ.

Atlas Straight Stairlift

Manufactured by an experienced UK company, this device has been designed for straight stairs and can be installed on either side of the stairs, according to your preferences and your needs. It stands out above all for its practicality, especially in terms of space management. Indeed, the seat is foldable and it is even possible to opt for a folding motorized rail to avoid clutter in a space that is not very spacious.

This chair is also equipped with original safety systems such as soft shutdown or blocking of the device when it is in the wrong position. In addition, the motorized swivel option allows you to benefit from a seat that automatically turns towards the landing with the press of a button so that you can sit down easily.

To conclude

We note that these stairlifts are approved by the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec and must be installed by a certified professional. They are also non-taxable and tax-deductible if prescribed by a doctor. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information. Also, you will find other practical devices such as lifting platforms, residential elevators or other stairlifts in our online catalog.