How to save hundreds of dollars when buying your stairlift

Stairlifts and lifting platforms offer more autonomy to the elderly and/or people with reduced mobility who live in a two-storey residence.

However, this is a big investment that may not be within everyone’s reach, but don’t panic! At En Mouvement, we give you the opportunity to circumvent these budgetary constraints by offering you good quality used equipment. This will save you several hundred dollars.


Savings and Guarantees

Who said stairlifts and lifts were a luxury? With En Mouvement, you can ensure the comfort of life for the people you care about without breaking the bank.

Save up to $900 on the price of a used seat compared to new equipment. When it comes to aerial platforms (PFE), the savings are even bigger: around $2,000.

The used equipment at your disposal has a full warranty of 6 to 12 months. Labour, parts and travel for workers are covered in the event of manufacturing problems.


Equipment availability

  • For stairlifts

You can order stairlifts at any time as we almost always have them in stock. This will give you more options to find the model that suits you.

  • For lifting platforms

For their part, PFEs are rarer. In addition, you have to find equipment that is compatible with your needs and the layout of your home. Anyway, we offer both outdoor and indoor models. One of the biggest advantages of this type of device is that it can accommodate wheelchairs.

With En Mouvement, benefit from good quality equipment that complies with current standards at very competitive prices.