Siena One model straight stairlift, exclusive to En Mouvement Laval and Montreal

An essential device for the elderly and people with reduced mobility, the stairlift is designed to facilitate going back and forth to the floors without having to go through the stairs. The Siena One model is one of the most efficient and safe of the moment.

A modern stairlift

The Siena One straight stairlift has a modern and elegant design. With an ivory-colored vinyl upholstery, it blends perfectly with any interior style. The seat and backrest are padded with high density foam.

By folding completely, the seat is completely flattened. Thus, despite its large size offering respectable comfort to users, it is space-saving when fully folded in on itself.

Premium comfort

The Siena One stairlift offers incomparable comfort compared to other competing models. Its dimensions allow users to put themselves perfectly at ease. It has a footrest that increases the comfort.

Acceleration and stopping are smooth so that users do not feel anything during these phases. Running on battery power, there is no need to worry in the event of a power outage. As a result, the user will be at peace to be able to use his stairlift without worry.

Features offering unique ergonomics

The Siena One straight stairlift also stands out from other models with its particularly ergonomic folding function. Indeed, by raising the seat, a mechanism engages, automatically folding the seat and the footrest.

Thus, it is no longer necessary to lean over at the top of the stairs to fold up the footrest.