Stairlift rental : Now available

Are you occasionally visited by your parents and in-laws? Unfortunately, they are old and going back and forth in the stairs of your house represents a considerable effort for them? To solve this problem, you can have a stairlift installed in your home. But the question arises: would it be better to buy or rent? Find out all in this article.

Why rent a stairlift?

There are several reasons why you might prefer renting a stairlift over buying it. First of all, if its use is occasional or even rare, it is not necessary to buy the device.

Then if you have a relatively tight space in your staircase, it is best to hire the seat. So when you don’t need it when you don’t have guests, the device won’t clutter up your staircase unnecessarily.

By renting your stairlift, you also save yourself the periodic maintenance and possible repair of the device. This type of device requires regular maintenance to be carried out by professionals. You will save time and money on this point.

Finally, such a device is relatively expensive. If you consider that its permanent installation in your home is not necessary, it is advisable to rent it. Thus, you will avoid a large superfluous investment.

Rent a straight or curved stairlift?

Unfortunately, only houses with straight stairs can opt for a seat rental. Indeed, on this type of structure, the seat and its support can be installed easily and quickly. On the other hand, in the case of a curved staircase, it is necessary to create a custom-made support adjusting to the curve. Therefore, the rental is impossible, it will be necessary to proceed directly to the purchase.

So before deciding whether to buy or rent a stairlift, consider the configuration of your staircase.

Where to rent your stairlift?

Find out about our offers for the rental of your straight stairlift by calling us directly or visiting our website.

A wide range of models and brands

At En Mouvement, we offer the best quality in stairlifts. We provide you with the biggest brands in the world. Optimum security and operation are ensured for the duration of the rental.

Professional and experienced technicians

We also have a professional team that will take care of the transport, installation and uninstallation of the stairlift. We ensure rapid implementation and make sure to respect the integrity of your staircase as much as possible.

Installation throughout Quebec

Wherever you are in the province of Quebec, we provide our straight stairlift rental services. Just contact us and we will look into your case. In addition, our team deploys as soon as possible to meet your needs. Our rental seats are of premium quality, but adapt to all budgets. Our goal: to satisfy our customers by offering the best at competitive prices.