Stay safe at home

When it comes to security, we often think of external threats and the devices to be put in place to protect against them: locks, motion detectors, alarms… We rarely think of interior threats, or more precisely of accidents that can occur in the house.

Precisely, this is the kind of event that is most likely to endanger more fragile people such as the elderly or people with reduced mobility.

In order for life at home to be peaceful and serene, it is essential that movement can be done in complete safety. Overview of some solutions.

Safety for seniors and people with reduced mobility

An accident happens so quickly! Seniors and people with reduced mobility are most at risk of being the victim of an incident inside the home. A failed walk, sudden fatigue or even dizziness and life can change, the consequences can then be disastrous such as loss of autonomy.

Although these individuals who are close to you do not necessarily suffer from an illness, their daily life requires increased vigilance and because you cannot not be present at their side at all times, you must take the lead.

It is a good idea to set up specific facilities to ensure safe movement throughout the house, especially when the latter has one or more floors.

Equip your home with En Mouvement

En Mouvement supports you in setting up quality devices such as a stairlift or lifting platform. Thanks to this equipment, your loved ones can come and go around the house independently, without the risk of tripping and falling. They can continue to stay at home and do simple daily tasks. Everyone can then be serene.