Tax credit for home support

To encourage people to stay at home, the government offers a tax credit for various equipment that promotes autonomy.

Here are the necessary conditions for you to be entitled to these tax credits.

  • You lived in Quebec on December 31 of last year;
  • You were 70 or older on December 31 of last year.

This tax credit is equal to 20% of the total of the following expenses:

  • Expenses for the purchase, rental and installation of eligible goods (the first $500, however, are not eligible).
  • Expenses for living in a transient functional recovery unit.

These costs must have been paid by you or your spouse.

Eligible Goods

First of all, these expenses must have been paid during the year for which you file your tax return for the purchase or rental, including the installation, of one of the following goods:

  • a remote monitoring device centered on the person (for example, an emergency call device [“panic button”], remote measurement of various physiological parameters or remote monitoring of medication intake);
  • a device for tracking a person by GPS;
  • an accessory to help you sit on or get up from a toilet;
  • an accessory to help you get into or out of a bath or shower; such as the Aquatec seat.
  • a walk-in bathtub or a walk-in shower;
  • a chair mounted on a rail to allow you to mechanically ascend or descend stairs;
  • a hospital bed.

Note that the property purchased or rented must be used in your main place of residence