Stressor; moving out

Several events are significant in terms of stress factors, after bereavement and dismissal, some studies classify moving as being one of the most stressful situations that one can experience.

As we age, our strength seems to diminish, and life pushes us to change the way we live; many people believe that moving is the only option left to them. The idea of ​​having to “get rid of” our personal possessions is directly related to the feeling of loss; a bit like mourning. Emptying the closets, the garage, the basement, not only can have a huge vacuum effect in people who are already often diminished in their physical strength, but it is also an emotionally demanding step. Every item will be considered: should we sell it, give it away, throw it away? The collection of fine china or even that of stamps… what will we do with it? Memories, our old vinyl records, audio cassettes, tools, etc. everything will have to go through sorting. Great physical, psychological and emotional fatigue could result.

This is a high-impact passage from which a lot of stress can result. Having to reinvent a life in a new environment with a new entourage can really upset a person, or even, in some cases, cause depression.

We must also consider the next living environment. What choice should be made? A condo, an apartment, a residence for the elderly or even a CHSLD-type care center? All of these issues impose a significant level of concern.

Imagine if you could spare yourself this. By adapting your home, you could certainly stay in your precious “home” longer.

We all dream of staying in our house until the end. A sense of security reassures us when we are safe in our home.

Do your children, friends or family live close to your residence and you don’t want to move away? The simplest solution is to adapt your home.

If your home has that special something that you love and warms your heart; a magnificent view of the lake or the river, a large ceiling, a room where you feel particularly good, a wonderful yard that you have maintained with passion for several years and you have worked all your life to offer you this much loved place! No problem, adapting your home will be the option to enjoy your corner of paradise for a long time.

What are the possible solutions?

For the majority of problematic situations related to mobility difficulties, climbing stairs is often the first problem encountered. Stair lifts are often a simple and accessible solution. Whether your staircase is straight or curved, most can be equipped with a stairlift to give you full access to your home.

Other solutions exist for other types of situations as well.
For someone in a wheelchair, platform lifts offer possibilities worth considering. Depending on your needs, a lifting platform can give you access to the residence from the outside or even inside to access all levels.

There are still several other solutions that will also address different challenges:

It is possible to adapt your bathroom to your new needs? A shower without threshold will allow you to have easy access even in a wheelchair.

Does your front door (or any other door) have a threshold too high for a wheelchair to cross? The installation of small inclined planks can solve these difficulties.

Are your doorways too narrow to go through in a wheelchair? Home adaptation will surely be a winning solution while allowing you to continue to live safely in the environment you are familiar with.

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