The risks of falls and the consequences

Several products and services exist to make your home as accessible as possible and allow you to remain independent. Among these products and services, many deserve to be better known. They are reliable, specialized, useful, safe and unfortunately sometimes unknown to the general public.

Examples include stair climbing devices such as straight and curved stairlifts, stair lifts, platform lifts and residential elevators. In addition to these specialized items, there are bath lifts that make it easier to access the bathtub, and home adaptation services that aim to allow you to access the essential rooms of your home. Qualified contractors adapt your door frames to allow you to pass through them, even in wheelchairs, they lower the base of the shower so that you can access it safely. Yes, it is possible to make your home safe and pleasant so that you can continue to live there with peace of mind.


Stairlifts are electrical devices that allow the crossing of stairs safely and effortlessly. They are installed on the stairs, close to the wall, and go up or down slowly and on command.

This elegant and reliable solution protects you from fall-related injuries and pain caused by fatigue, disease or wear and tear on your joints.

In addition, these seats approved in Quebec can easily be subject to tax deduction or government subsidy.

Did you know?

According to the Quebec Population Health Survey (EQSP), approximately 40,000 people per year, aged 65 and over, are victims of injuries caused by a bad fall. The people taken into account by this study are those whose injuries are serious enough to limit their daily activities. It is calculated that 17% of cases of falls occur in stairs.

These falls can have significant consequences on the quality of life and health of seniors. They can cause serious injuries such as fractures, they can lead to difficulty in performing essential daily tasks (walking, cleaning, bathing, cooking, etc.). They can lead to a loss of autonomy which will cause the transfer of the person to a private residence, a residential center or a long-term care center. Falls and the pain caused by them can also lead to a nagging fear of climbing stairs for fear of falling. This fear of falling can lead to a restriction of the social and physical activities of the person concerned and eventually create an isolation conducive to the deterioration of physical and psychological health.

These falls have serious consequences and can easily be avoided by good prevention, adaptation of the home and the use of specialized equipment.

The stair chair will provide you with security while giving you full access to the complete abode. In order to make a well-informed choice, allow us the pleasure of advising you.